Learn more about Penthus

Penthus is derived from the Greek word for five: Penta. We are with 5 founding partners and each of us has vast experience in his field of expertise. Hence, PenthUs.

Our History, Vision And Values

The renowned French novelist, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, made this great statement: “Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.” And this is exactly the very foundation on which Penthus is build. Looking at offshore installation there is a long way to go towards “perfection” as we strongly believe there is so many obsolete at the current status-quo. From that perspective we innovate, changing the playing field in existing markets.

Vision and value

The industry grew over decades, where installation and transportation vessels, barges and jack-up vessels became more and more versatile. This has led to a big, bigger, biggest race which significantly increased capex and opex levels. The green energy revolution also demands a new perspective on how we do things at optimized costs. In our vision, offshore renewables installation is done with standardized and affordable units, making offshore renewables sustainable, both environmentally as financially. This underlines our mission to revolutionize.

The founders

The 5 founding partners incorporate all the expertise to develop, implement, execute and successfully deliver offshore transportation and installation solutions. Their complementary expertise in innovation, engineering, sales, project management and operations reflects our customers’ needs for reliable, trustworthy and foremost responsible corporate operations. Our team guarantees just that.

Koen van der Perk


Jeroen Lodewijks


Peter de Bree


Michael von Eckardstein


Mark M. Bol Raap


Your team

Whatever your challenges are relating to offshore transportation and installation, your team at Penthus is able to provide the solutions. We specialize in innovation, engineering, execution and consultancy. We also offer our extensive network of Offshore Windfarm Developers, Fabricators, (Sub)Contractors and Staffing Solutions at your disposal. From advise to construction and everything in between, we take responsibility. All founding partners are supported by a group of specialists in their field, working for Penthus on a project or permanent basis. This guarantees quality of work, continuity, flexibility and the best professionals available for the challenges at hand.


Creativity is our core competence. This is how we turn challenges in to workable, efficient, cost leading and sustainable solutions. Penthus has successfully patented its innovations and is happy to share them.


Whether its tender engineering, project engineering, or operations support, in all phases of an offshore installation project, we will adhere to your desired schedule and quality in engineering and adding the value of simplicity to enables offshore wind projects to be won and executed beyond expectations.


Project management, document control, construction supervision, HSEQ, financial accountability, reviews, staffing. All fields of expertise required for the project execution phase are incorporated in Penthus and at your disposal.


All inhouse expertise and our wide spread network is available to all your challenges. On every aspect of offshore heavy lifting in general and offshore wind installation in particular, we can advise where support is required.


The large variety of challenges in offshore wind requires an equally large number of experts to find the right solutions. We like to share and use our vast network of prefessionals and partners to meet your specific needs. This network enables you to make tendering and execution successful.

Innovative and smart

Innovation is embedded in the core of Penthus, aimed to reduce complexity in offshore wind transport and installation. Simplified solutions for the task at hand improves predictability, reduces risks and cost and improves the achievability of your goals and targets. At Penthus, we are keen to understand your needs for change and would gladly accept the challenge to find an innovative solution to support and improve the sustainability drive and growth of the offshore renewables industry.