GustoMSC NG-20000X platform adjusted for PENTHUS PIV Design.

Dutch/Schiedam based GustoMSC brings PENTHUS’s PIV-Design to the next milestone.

It is with great pleasure to announce that GustoMSC is nearing the completion of the initial design of our vessel concept. After a smooth cooperation between GustoMSC and Penthus, our innovative installation method is getting a leap closer to realization with this milestone. 

Using its proven NG-20000X vessel design and technology as a basis, GustoMSC provides a world class design and created a solid foundation for our monopile installation vessel. Its well proven concept is adapted to PENTHUS’s innovative demands. This milestone allows us to interact with the various yards to confirm our business case for a significantly improved ecological footprint for 2000mT – 4500mT monopile foundations, combined with improved economics. 

Gusto engineered PENTHUS design is tailored for fabrication in shipyards world-wide, and will meet international rules and regulations. The tender process for fabrication is anticipated to start mid August 2023. We are keen to continue the conversations we have for finance and project commitments, to start with the commencement of the first project offshore in 2027.

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