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The PENTHUS Monopile Installation Vessel

Invented from a clean sheet. Only adding what is really needed for single purpose use and maximum workability. With shortest fabrication lead-time at lowest costs, yet sustainable.

A new concept is born

In discussion with windfarm developers, concerns were raised on the availability of foundation installation vessels in general and specifically for the next generation monopiles up to 4XXL. In addition and partly as a consequence, the market prices for foundation installation are increasing and pressurizing the already tight margins for developing an offshore windfarm. Furthermore, the lead time to build a new heavy lift construction vessel extends beyond 3 years, making it difficult to link with the timelines of a project and its financial approvals.

The 1st solution

Based on the challenge that was set, we have re-invented the installation method for a monopile foundation, looking at the installation needs and forming a vessel around it. Meet “Aneta”, Greek for simple. A groundbreaking installation method designed based on simplicity, with maximum and efficient use of only the necessary equipment and optimized weight distributions to minimize vessel requirements. The result is an associated vessel that is cheaper, easier and faster to build and maximizing the repetitive benefits of monopile installation.

What makes this solution so good

Building costs

Significantly lower


Much faster


Less COB


Bigger ROI, lower CAPEX, lower OPEX


Significantly lower price per monopile installation