CONFIRMED: Foundation installation cost reduction! 

With yard pricing confirmed, Penthus’ revolutionary foundation installation vessel is now proven to be a method to significantly reduce the cost for transporting and installing large monopile foundations.

During the past months, our team, together with Fearnleys, has worked hard to reach out to yards, evaluate the pricing and update the business case. The result is a vessel with significantly lower day rates to reduce the cost to transport and install monopiles up to 4500mT.

As of today, we offer to the market the day rate, including crew, starting at only €250.000,- or the T&I rate starting from €695.000,- per monopile. Simultaneously we reduce the environmental footprint by more than 80% compared to floating installation vessels used for the heavy monopiles.

We are proud to have a confirmed business case, supporting our goal to reduce offshore wind energy development cost. Now we are moving on to bring the vessel to the market. The confirmed building slot(s) show the vessel can be delivered and ready for T&I projects as soon as early 2029.

We are ready to engage with equity partners and clients to bring this market changing vessel to life!

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