Offshore Transport & Installation Solutions

Creating and implementing innovative, sustainable offshore installations methods for renewable energy.
Changing the world of offshore wind installation with efficient, effective and fit-for-purpose solutions, resulting in significant cost reductions!

New Vessel
PENTHUS 1st - "Aneta"

Our fit-for-purpose offshore wind monopile installation vessel. A self-propelled jack-up vessel, low on emissions, high on capacity. The vessel has a dual-crane setup for extreme efficiency with up to 4500mt lifting capacity


Sustainable green solutions

Green solutions should also be sustainable. This is not so obvious as it seems. The way green solutions are being build and implemented and the equipment used are based on decades old technology and the remains of a fossil fuel dominated world. At PENTHUS we started with a clean sheet when it comes to offshore wind installation. Wondering what installation would look like starting from scratch. We imagined the most sustainable, efficient and safe method to do so. Starting by leaving out all that is abundant. Less is more if it comes to sustainable green solutions.

The monopile installation method


The simplicity of the method and a standardized installation method to capitalize on productivity will ensure minimized delays and a predictable delivery of your projects.


Purpose built for installing and decommissioning of monopiles and TP’s. Less crew and quarters, less equipment, less handling, less over-capacity, less down-time, efficiency driven to the max to optimize results.

Cost effective

High efficiency, Low costs. Significantly reduced CAPEX and OPEX make it possible to revolutionize the business case for monopile installation. Resulting in unrivalled cost to install monopile foundations.


Never seen before and yet so common. Patented installation method based on proven technology, smartly combined! A stable and secure jack-up vessel with dual overhead cranes and a one of a kind inboard monopile installation bay.


Single purpose makes for less use of natural and human resources. Easy fabrication and operation with minimal environmental impact. Low on emissions. Easy end-of-life recycling of the asset.

Strategy of Penthus

Our strategy is fully aimed to support our mission, by introducing and implementing innovative offshore installation methods. With the first aim to introduce new and a affordable monopile foundation solution to local markets, the mid-term goal is to own and operate our own monopile installation vessels, acting as a contractor for developers, and develop further methods for the installation of other components.

Innovative and smart

To revolutionize the status quo in offshore transport and installation, innovation is needed. Our innovation is based on simplifying operations and equipment to do the same work with less resources. Working smart to decrease cost, risk and the amount of natural resources required for the installation of offshore renewables.

The latest news

CONFIRMED: Foundation installation cost reduction! 

Unprecedented market pricing for monopile installation now available.

Penthus’s New Build Pricing

Pricing installation vessel set sail with Fearnley Offshore.

GustoMSC NG-20000X platform adjusted for PENTHUS PIV Design.

Vessel design nearing its next milestone!!!